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To support growers to reduce harvest losses and improve operations at harvest time, with funding from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), BCG is hosting a series of free harvester forums.

The forums will be held at:

Murrayville, Monday 11 October
9:00 am- 1:30pm AEST,
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Koolonong, Tuesday 12 October
9:00 am- 1:30pm AEST,
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Diggora, Wednesday 13 October
9:00 am- 1:30pm AEST,
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Narraport/Birchip, Thursday 14 October
9:00 am- 1:30pm AEST,
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Kaniva, Friday 15 October
9:00 am- 1:30pm AEST,
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The half-day forums led by industry experts will provide information and discussion around the prevention of preventable harvester losses, improvements in efficiency and output, methods of harvest weed seed control (HWSC) the prevention of harvester fires and calibrating harvester technology.

Nationally recognised harvester experts presenting at the forum are Dr Michael Walsh (Sydney University) via zoom, Ned Jeffries (Seed Terminator), Martin Peters (FarmingIT), Marc Smith (New Holland), Kassie van der Westerhuizan (Harvest Specialist) and Brian Legg (Primary Sales).

The practical, interactive forums will not only demonstrate how harvest losses can be accurately measured and identify where losses are occurring but will also cover the actual modifications that can be made to headers to reduce losses and capture weed seeds.

“How do you get good separation?” Brett Asphar from Seed Terminator said repeating a question at one of last year’s GRDC Harvest Forums: “You have to start it at the concaves. All the material comes through, and it is going to thresh between the drum and the concave, in the pinch point, and it needs to happen at the front of the concave. If it is at the back of the concave, you’ve missed the opportunity and even though the sieves are 14 feet long, if you haven’t achieved good separation through your concaves, you’re not going to get it, and rotor loss will be the thing that stops you,” Brett explained.

“Remember you need to allow the material room to separate – running the drum too tight on the concaves and the grain won’t have room to loosen.”

“As far as sieve settings go – just remember that loose is fast, the wider you can run it; the more capacity you’re going to get. You can apply that rule to every harvester regardless of their colour.”

WA grower Tim Barndon was impressed with the content and scope the 2020 forums covered and the confidence he was given to directly apply what he had learnt to his harvest operations: “To actually come to someone’s farm and to have the headers out and be able to see firsthand the implementation of some of these ideas and see what’s working and what isn’t, it’s great!”

Weed seed management will be a focus of the forums with expert Dr Michael Walsh to discuss how he sees seed destructors fitting into the harvest program and how to make them work for each grower: “HWSC systems are effective and proven as an additional weed control option for weed management programs”

“Getting the harvester setup right is critical to making HWSC work, measuring harvest losses is essential to this process,” Dr Walsh said.

Participants must register. This is a CovidSAFE event.

For more information contact BCG’s Tom Draffen on 0418 304 695 or email [email protected]

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