Soil organic carbon explained


At BCG events at Quambatook on the 20th of July, Rupanyup 21st , Nhill 21st, Manangatang 22nd, Curyo 23rd leading soil scientist Cassandra Schefe from AgriSci will explain the complex topic of soil organic carbon to local GAPP (growth, adoption, productivity and profit) groups.

Dr Schefe (pictured), who has over 20 years’ experience in soil research and applying it on farm, will explain what soil organic carbon is, how it is produced as well as discussing the intricacies of increasing it in the Wimmera Mallee landscape.

“Growers don’t need to choose between managing for carbon or managing for productivity. If you are having trouble growing plants, you will certainly have trouble growing carbon,” Dr Schefe said.

“Carbon comes from plants so what’s good for your plants is good for productivity which in turn is good for soil carbon.

“A key message to remember is that plants will grow to their most limiting factor whether that’s rainfall, soil constraints, soil pH, soil type or soil fertility. By undertaking soil tests using best practice to measure constraints and then managing these constraints, the plants will benefit. This then sets up the right environment for soil organic carbon,” Dr Schefe said.

Dr Schefe will explain best practice soil testing to ensure testing for soil carbon, nutrients etc are accurate and the importance of knowing what nutrients are in the soil and ensuring adequate inputs to provide the optimal environment for microbial activity and production of soil organic carbon.

Each free event, running from 9am to 1pm, will be followed by a bus tour of BCG trials in the area.

These events are targeted at growers under 35 years. To register call BCG on (03) 5492 2787 or

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