Soil sampling 2020

BCG is undertaking soil sampling again in 2020.

The benefits of soil sampling include:

  • establishing the current nutrient status of your soil to provide the basis for future strategies
  • indicate the ameliorants required to correct a soil’s possible physical and chemical property imbalances
  • identify factors that may be limiting crop and pasture production
  • improved farm profitability through efficient soil fertility management
  • assists in the planning process through improved budgeting of farm financial resources

This year, BCG is offering growers the opportunity to be involved in the Mallee and Wimmera CMA soil sampling projects. These projects focus on how management practices influence soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus levels. Your involvement in the project will include soil samples being taken from your paddocks and the data being used to create a map of soil carbon levels. By taking part in the project, you will receive soil sampling results to assist with making fertiliser decisions, a summary report of the findings, and the opportunity to participate in workshops.  

A co-funded payment model will be used to fund soil sampling. For farmers who pay for nitrogen and phosphorus testing ($88.20), they will receive additional soil carbon, EC, pH, and particle size analysis to 40cm, and soil moisture to 1m paid for by the project (valued at $104.90). For growers that would like pH, EC and particle size analysis testing to 1m, if they pay for nitrogen, phosphorus, EC, pH, and particle size analysis to 40cm ($136.20), the project will cover the cost of soil carbon, EC, pH, and particle size analysis and moisture to 1m (valued at $104.90). This offer is only available to a limited number of growers, so please book early to ensure that you don’t miss out.     


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Lab analysis costs:

Indicative prices for some common test packages are below – call us to discuss your specific requirements. We can sample any combination of depths down to 100cm. We use the Nutrient Advantage (Incitec Pivot) laboratory for chemical soil analysis, and SARDI for disease analysis, however the use of other labs (e.g. APAL) can be arranged upon request. 

soil sampling

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