Sowing update – May 2020


Before the rain event on Anzac Day, BCG started sowing the bulk of our 2020 trial program, completing approximately 13% of our trials prior to the downpour. We had also completed the first time of sowing (TOS) for four other trials with further sowing times required.

These trials were sown across a number of locations, including Hopetoun, Ultima, Curyo, Whirily, Lubeck and Rupanyup. Included in this push were the Mallee Canola National Variety Trials (NVT’s) which have now all been sown! 

The BCG Sowing Team hard at work at Pyramid Hill

Since Anzac Day it has been a bit of a mixed bag. The week after Anzac Day was too wet for BCG seeding teams to make any sizable advances in the program apart from getting some Lupins sown at Walpeup.

This week, however, we have worked hard to get things done, visiting NVT sites in the North Central (Diggora and Charlton) sowing Canola, as well as continuing work at the BCG Main Site (Curyo), Rupanyup, Netherby, Pyramid Hill and some other smaller sites around Birchip. 

One of the BCG Case IH Tractors at work

Trials going in the ground are delivering against funded projects including, GRDC NVT programs, Pulse Validation, Oaten Hay Agronomy, pasture systems, plant establishment as well as a number of BCG member funded research trials. 

By the end of this week (08/05/2020) we aim to have completed 30% of our 2020 sowing program, based on the number of trials anticipated this year. 

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