Starting afresh

The 2021 cropping season presents farmers across the region with an opportunity to start with a clean slate. With it comes the chance to implement new ideas and strategies and to continue the pursuit of achieving profitable outcomes. Central to this is to continue to build a long-term sustainable future.

It is an exciting prospect to be in a position of influence, but not only in terms of production opportunities. There is also a chance to positively influence the landscape and the environment.

I note that, last Friday, the Federal Government announced a pilot program involving six regions  – the closest to us being the North Central region of Victoria – by means of which farmers will be incentivised to plant trees for increased biodiversity, whilst also earning carbon credits.

BCG will observe with interest as the carbon story for agriculture and farmers unfolds. The group will continue to investigate and research options for farmers in the carbon space, determining practical applications on farm.

Profitable farms, enhanced landscapes and liveability as well as vibrant self-sustaining communities remain key objectives for BCG.

Our 2021 research program continues to expand as we work to address a plethora of agronomic questions: crop establishment, nuanced nutrition strategies, variety assessments across all crop types, frost mitigation, soil amelioration, observing new chemistries and developing strategies for their use, managing herbicide residues, disease management both root and foliar, producing fodder, hay production, cover cropping and more.

Recently, BCG was delighted to receive support from the Hugh Williamson Foundation to support the capacity-building of our team. Funding was provided for the award of scholarships for six young people over two years to develop skills in project development, planning and execution.  This year, Genevieve Clarke, Kate Finger and Brooke Bennett are the successful recipients.

Recently, Federal Agricultural Minister David Littleproud and local Federal member Anne Webster visited BCG to discuss its role in the region. They were eager to learn more about our work and were impressed by what they heard.

BCG continues to develop and expand, pressing the cause of agriculture and farmers throughout the region and Australia.

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