Successful sheep management showcase


BCG’s first ever Sheep Management Showcase saw a crowd of over 200 attendees pass through the gates of a Morton Plains paddock last week.

Attracting graziers and mixed farmers from the Wimmera, Mallee and beyond, the event received rave reviews from attendees who relished the opportunity hear from an impressive line up of engaging and informative sheep industry experts.

At the end of the day the majority of attendees said they had learned something new and would implement at least one practice change on their farm as a result of the event.

The day featured five guest speakers who covered a diverse range of topics including the impact of a sheep enterprise on farm business profit and risk; scanning, weighing and using electronic ear tags to improve production; producer and sheep-friendly shed and yard design; understanding nutrition and overcoming setbacks; and lamb survival and genetic impacts on production.

Each speaker had new and insightful information to challenge the audience but the common thread was that with improved management producers stood to gain significant benefits from their sheep enterprise.

“Mediocrity in our industry is our biggest problem,” said Ian Willersdorf from Noble Management.

“Do the measurements and you’ll make money.”

JT Agri-Source consultant Dr Jason Trompf concurred suggesting that farmers could make vast improvements simply by approaching their livestock enterprise in a more strategic, precise and planned way.

This included being more proactive in their ewe management and giving more thought to market specifications, nutrition, environmental factors and genetics.

“Producers should have a good clear breeding objective, particularly in this shorter season environment,” Dr Trompf said.

The BCG Sheep Management Showcase also featured demonstrations of some of the latest sheep products and measuring and handling equipment as well as a range of static exhibits.

Under the sunny Mallee sky, the day provided a chance for farmers to talk about their sheep management issues with industry experts, service providers and other farmers.

Explaining the optimistic atmosphere BCG livestock co-ordinator Dannielle McMillan said projections for Australian industry look very positive.

“We learned today that even one small change can make a huge difference.”

For more about BCG livestock events and research, or to find out how to become a BCG livestock member, phone (03) 5492 2787. 

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