Summer cropping update

BCG Summer Cropping Update

Agriculture Victoria/GRDC Alternative Legume Crops Project

This project is in its final year of  trials having commenced in the summer of 2019/20. The first trial in this project is looking at different varieties by time of sowing (TOS) and includes mungbeans, cowpeas, soybeans, pigeon peas and lab lab.

TOS 1 sown 11th Oct and TOS 2 sown 16th Nov. The second trial in this project is looking at mungbeans and the impact of different “rain” event timings e.g. 20mm at sowing vs. 20mm at sowing plus 40mm when the crop is flowering amongst other combinations.


BCG/Agriculture Victoria Summer Forage Trial

Taking advance of the current wetter conditions over summer, this trial is looking at a range of forage options for summer feed. Crop types include sorghum, maize, sunn hemp and a couple of commercially available mixes.

Mix 1 includes millet, sorghum, tillage radish and forage rape. Mix 2 includes millet, sorghum, teff grass, buckwheat, tillage radish, leafy turnip, forage rape, sunflowers, sun hemp, linseed. The options will undergo a ‘grazing’ or two over summer and will be compared to un-grazed treatments.


Image 1: Species mix.


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