Save the date: BCG Trials Review Day Feb 25

BCG has commenced harvest. Data is being analysed and commercial strategies for farmers are being developed. The BCG team will share their findings at BCG’s Trials Review Day to be held on Friday the 25th of February at the Birchip Leisure Centre.

The event is an opportunity for BCG members to engage with relevant local research to make informed decisions in 2022. Topics to be discussed include: mice, long coleoptile wheat, nutrient management, mitigating frost, green on green weed seeker technology, precision plant establishment, new crop varieties, sub paddock zoning, broadleaf management in pulses, grain storage, oaten hay agronomy, multispecies cover crops and chemistry.

BCG Senior Manager of Extension and Communication Tom Draffen said the BCG team were looking forward to extending their research which has been meticulously selected and designed to reflect Wimmera Mallee farming systems. “The pointy end of the season provides us with the information of importance—data on profitability and productivity,” explained Tom. “Harvest is the culmination of the year’s research and guides the program for Trials Review Day, the only catch is trying to fit everything into the day due to the relevance and breadth of research being undertaken by the organisation.”

“With over 10,000 plots and 130 trials across the Wimmera and Mallee in 2021, in addition to the relatively good season in most areas, we have a vast amount of quality research which we want to communicate.  Topics not discussed at Trials Review Day farmers can still access in our 2021 Season Research Manual which is launched on the day. Results will also be communicated in a range of mediums throughout the year,” Tom said.

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As Trials Review Day is a members’ only event, all Wimmera Mallee farmers are encouraged to sign up to become a BCG Member by visiting or calling the office on (03) 5492 2787. “Trials Review Day and our Season Research Results publication are both free for members. BCG Membership is like a golden ticket: members have access to the latest agronomic research and advice, while also supporting research being undertaken in their region, for their benefit,” Tom finished.

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