Thinking positive and taking control

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Fiona Best

Widespread April rainfall resulted in a general wave of ease and optimism. It’s hard going when the rain refuses to fall, but when it does it’s a wonderful feeling.

Sowing programs are well underway, and optimum conditions give us cause for feeling positive about the season.  Fortunately, prices are also good.

On the other hand, high urea and input costs must be taken into account, as well as current and potential rises in interest rates.

Now is a good time to take stock, review the crop plan, and consider the options.

We need to think about our fertiliser and weed control strategies, sharing the load with business partners.  How can we improve our day-to-day operations? What are the long-term prospects for the business?

Thinking about all these things while in a positive frame of mind is highly recommended. And having a coherent and well-considered plan keeps us on track and ready for whatever the season may throw at us.

BCG is in the fortunate position of having the opportunity to discuss issues and gain knowledge from so many farmers from across the region.  The above pearls of wisdom have been gleaned from many such conversations.

BCG’s job is to share them.

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