Using standing crops to finish lambs


Are you a lamb producer? Are you interested in learning more about a low risk strategy to grow feed for pregnant ewes, and weaning and finishing lambs?

One of Australia’s leading ruminant nutritionists, San Jolly, Productive Nutrition, will lead a sheep nutrition discussion on 21 March about using standing crops at the Merino Gold event at St Arnaud and is supported by the Australian Government National Landcare Program and BCG.

Growers and advisors are invited to this interactive day where the focus will be on the benefits of using standing crops for lamb production, whereby standing crops offer greater biomass and groundcover than annual pastures during spring and into summer.

BCG’s Livestock Systems Manager, Alison Frischke, says attendees will learn about preferred cereal varieties for grazing, nutritional components of the crop, how to introduce animals and the grazing behaviour of sheep in tall crops.

“We’ll also discuss how standing crops benefit paddock health by protecting soils from erosion by the elements, and from overgrazing by finishing animals faster so they can be marketed earlier,” Ms Frischke says,

“Farmer experiences will be shared, and profitability demonstrated that highlights how using standing crops is a valuable, low risk option for mixed farmers,” she added.

The day will also focus on ‘Making Merino’s More Profitable’.

Supported by the St Arnaud VFF branch, the highly successful Merino Gold event was first run in 2017.

Throughout the afternoon, Merino and production presentations will include:

  • Merino trial results – Peter Meyer, President of AASMB
  • Genetics and sire evaluation – Ben Swain, Australian Merino Sire Genetics
  • Markets, defending and promoting the wool industry – Marius Cumming, AWI
  • EID tags and using data – Gallagher
  • Young sheep vaccination – Zoetis
  • VFF Livestock Council – Ben Duxson, VFF
  • Judging of commercial 2018 maiden ewes

The day will be at the St Arnaud Sports Ground Pavilion, starting at 2.00pm onwards.

Entry cost is $20. Door prizes and a BBQ will be provided. An event flyer can be found here.

Please register for the session by contacting Alison Frischke (BCG) 0429 922 787 or Colin Coates 0427 693 329.

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