BCG & GoResources – Safflower Harvest Webinar

This pre harvest panel discussion is an opportunity for interested growers to tune in to learn more about the practicalities of harvesting Safflower. The webinar will provide information on how […]

Getting Grazing Management Right Webinar with Alison Frischke

Good grazing management aims to achieve the best outcomes for both pasture and livestock production – in terms of availability and quality, meeting needs for growth and reproduction, pasture persistence […]

Understanding Crop Potential and Calculating Nitrogen to Improve Crop Biomass Workshop Recording

BCG would like to acknowledge LaTrobe University and Dr James Hunt – as well as Harm Van Rees and Kate Maddern for their time and expertise in presenting this workshop. […]

Soil Sampling – Why and How?

BCG Research Agronomist Kate Maddern provides an introduction to the benefits of soil sampling, developing a soil sampling strategy for your farm, and how sample to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible.