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The new artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Weedetect from Goldacres, will be showcased at BCG’s Trials Review Day on Friday the 25th of February at the Birchip Leisure Centre. 

Goldacres’ Research and Development expert, Dave Tuppen, will explain Weedetect’s capabilities to attendees. The Goldacres G6 Crop Cruiser Series 2 fitted with AI precision spraying technology Weedetect will be on site at the event, adding value to Dave’s presentation.   

BCG Senior Manager of Extension Tom Draffen said the technology couldn’t have come at a better time: “Trials Review Day is about introducing attendees to science and technology which can improve farm profitability. We know from our members that the rising costs of inputs are causing concern. It is also well documented that many people learn best from a hands-on experience. Having Dave Tuppen present the Weedetect technology on site is a great opportunity for farmers to see if this new technology could benefit their farming system.”  

Dave said he was looking forward to attending the event: “At Goldacres we are always working towards the next big thing to help farmers improve their profitability. With Weedetect’s ability to detect and selectively target weeds in crop, it has the very real potential to dramatically reduce the cost of a year-round spraying program. Blanket sprays will diminish remarkably.”  

“With this type of technology now available we also hope to see a shift to lighter, smaller tank capacity, which is again a real plus for the farmer,” Dave concluded.  

Crops that Weedetect is currently compatible with include wheat, barley, oats, canola, lupins, sorghum, potatoes and cotton, detecting broadleaf and rye grass weeds. 

Weedetect has two configurations, green on brown with green on green an upgradable option.

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