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BCG welcomed Kate Finger recently as a Project Officer in Business Development and Innovation.

Kate first came to the Wimmera and Mallee thanks to the Agriculture Victoria Agronomist Development Program in 2018. This program gave her experience in research at Agriculture Victoria in Mildura, with agronomists at Agrivision in Swan Hill and in research and extension at BCG.

In her new role at BCG, Kate will work closely with Data Farmer weather station and moisture probe owners to coordinate installation and provide ongoing support.

“I am looking forward to maintaining and establishing new relationships with growers and BCG members and I’m excited about continuing to develop my skills and experience in research and innovation in agriculture” Kate said.

Kate will also be working within the climate space, supporting project development and delivering communication materials for the industry.

“We are pleased to have Kate join the BCG team and we look forward to having her contribution to the business development and innovation space” Cameron Taylor BCG manager of business development and innovation said.

“Kate will be engaging with farmers in projects that look to where the future for our industry may go and communicating the value and challenges along the way”.

Born and raised near Mansfield on an Angus Cattle Stud, Kate is a Melbourne University graduate.

She is playing her second year of netball for Birchip-Watchem and is looking forward to participating in the Birchip community along with moving her horse across from the Victorian highlands to the Mallee plains.

To find out more about the Data Farmer weather station network, please contact Kate on 0488 823 353.

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