Position Statements

BCG supports Australia’s broadacre farmers by publicly advocating for their communities, businesses, practices, tools and resources. To do this, we provide position statements on issues relevant to our members.


As an organisation whose mission is anchored to credible, evidence-based research, the Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) supports the APVMA and other international scientific and regulatory bodies that have confirmed glyphosate is safe to farmers and the environment when all label recommendations are adhered to.

BCG improves the prosperity of Australia’s broadacre farmers through applied science-based research, and extension. For this to occur, our members need access to modern farming practices that facilitate long term productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability within the context of being part of a safe, healthy and vibrant rural community. Agricultural chemicals, including glyphosate, when integrated into modern farm systems, allow our members and the broader grains industry to run profitable family businesses while allowing the use of efficient and environmentally sustainable practices such as conservation tillage.

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