Soil Sampling 2023

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Do you know how much nitrogen (N) will be available to your crop in 2023? N deficiency is the single biggest factor impacting yield and can reduce it by up to 40% (Hochman and Horan, 2018). Nitrogen (N) levels are crucial to assist with maximising yield potential and maintaining a long-term nutrient balance.

Coming off a high uptake year, where large amounts of N were removed from the soil, soil sampling is invaluable in ensuring you know N levels in your soils to ensure plants have nitrogen available for optimum yield potential. Determining N levels now will support nutrient input decision making and assist farm profitability.

Soil sampling prior to sowing can help you to:

  • Establish the current nutrient status of your soil
  • Identify physical and chemical property imbalances
  • Improve production and profitability through efficient nutrient management

Lab analysis:

Indicative prices for some common test packages are below – please call BCG to discuss your specific requirements.

BCG can sample any combination of depths down to 100cm.

BCG uses the Nutrient Advantage (Incitec Pivot) laboratory for chemical soil analysis, and SARDI for disease analysis, the use of other labs (e.g. APAL) can be arranged upon request.


Pricing: Total cost = BCG sampling cost + postage and handling + lab analysis


or contact Tom Jones for more information on 0458 409 205 or [email protected] 

Find our available packages below:

Co-funded Mallee CMA Packages:

*Subject to limited availability. Data will be used as part of the MCMA Soil Carbon Project

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