Do you have a problem with barley grass on your farm?

BCG in conjunction with GRDC and Adelaide University have 12 free barley grass resistance tests on offer this spring as part of the GRDC project, demonstrating and validating the implementation […]

Statice seedbank persistence

Take home messages Statice seedbanks reduced with targeted management options in three years, providing no new seeds are allowed to set. Crop competition and crop-topping to prevent seed set can help to control statice. Statice can be hard to control, so good farm biosecurity is important to prevent the introduction of statice. This includes controlling […]

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Lentil tolerance to Brodal Options

Take home messages PBA Jumbo2 showed the greatest visual damage from Brodal Options® application. In this season, and under good spray conditions Brodal Options® did not affect yield. Background Brodal Options® (diflufenican) is an important herbicide for the in-crop manangement of broadleaf weeds (controls wild radish, hedge mustard, turnip, deadnettle, prickly lettuce and gives suppression […]

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How to cope with Heliotrope

18 February 2019 In a commercial situation roundup rates are often around 1L/ha to 1.3L/ha, as growers are targeting a broad range of weeds. To identify the true efficacy of the adjuvants, a lower rate of glyphosate was used, this provided a unique opportunity to assess the adjuvants 8 February 2019 – Heliotrope life cycle  […]

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Weed management – 2017 summary

2017 inherited a generally high weed burden from 2016 and delivered the right conditions for them to flourish if left unchecked. In the Mallee, the increase in area sown to pulses has brought with it increased numbers of weeds like sow thistle, fleabane, and prickly lettuce. Ryegrass is an ongoing issue, especially in the Wimmera, […]

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