Soil Amelioration Trial Overview 2022

Demi Taylor

With a range of diverse methods to ameliorate soil constraints, it can be difficult to work out what methods are best for your soils and overall farming system. For the past four years, BCG have been undertaking soil amelioration trials in the Wimmera to help growers compare clay, fertiliser, manure and ripping vs non-ripping treatments.

The results have been put together in a short 4-minute trial overview video that highlights variation in treatments in relation to grain protein, plant establishment, biomass and yield, the legacy of the treatments and how long the effects of ripping lasted, and the income and change in total income when comparing the treatments over multiple years.

Watch the video here-

BCG has also released a series of videos from the soil amelioration trials in 2021 and 2022 to demonstrate the process of sowing, in-season management and assessments and harvest. The playlist can be accessed here-

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