A Word From the CEO – Optimism

Despite a relatively dry June across the region, the Bureau of Meteorology’s ENSOOutlook shift to a La Nina WATCH has everyone feeling cautiously optimistic for the remainder of the season.

The BCG research program in 2020 has increased to almost 10,000 plots across 24 locations and 35 paddocks being sown. This highlights an increased effort to achieve geographical reach and applicability for our members.

It is certainly the organisation’s intention to be able to provide our members with the opportunity to see the trials and research being undertaken via crop walks and field days throughout the season. Whilst activities currently have restricted participant numbers, BCG is hopeful that restrictions will ease and the ability to have larger events is imminent.

BCG has a history of being innovative.

Working and collaborating with researchers across Australia has been a key element of success for BCG. To ensure agricultural research dollars continue to flow into the region, BCG is currently supporting the University of Melbourne’s bid for the Federal Governments Resilient Landscapes Hub,  The University of Sydney’s efforts to establish a Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Pulse Protein and The University of Adelaide’s pitch for the creation of a CRC for Better Regions.

If successful, all three efforts will have direct benefits to farmers across our region through BCG’s involvement.

BCG’s effort to overcome on-farm telecommunications issues has been in focus throughout June. Supported by The William Buckland Foundation, BCG is piloting an on-farm WiFi system in partnership with Zetify and three BCG members. Success for this project will see reliable phone and internet connectivity being achieved across three farms where it was not previously possible. Regular updates will be provided.

Attracting and retaining people in our rural communities has always been an important side story for BCG. Work on a Community Transformation project continues for BCG over the coming months, an initiative also supported by The William Buckland Foundation.

Thank you to all our members and sponsors for your continued support. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time to discuss ideas or opportunities.

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