A Word from the Chair – September 2020

Fantastic Autumn rain and an optimistic outlook resulted in many farmers taking the opportunity to sow a wide range of crops and plant early. These decisions are now expressing themselves across the region.

After a dry winter, the recent rains in August have put us back on track for a possible average to above-average season. In Spring we will be looking to the sky for the predicted influence of a La Nina, which seems a little elusive.

As usual, there are always challenges to address; frost, mice, timely application of urea, monitoring crops for leaf diseases, insects, and the unknown and ongoing effects of Covid19 to name a few.

The next challenge will be accessing harvest labour.

It was heart-warming to drive out to the BCG research trial site at Trevor Grogon’s property during the week and see the countryside in such wonderful condition. The BCG  trial site is looking immaculate and it is disappointing that there will not be the traditional field day due to Covid-19, however the BCG team is working to deliver relevant information using online formats including webinars and exciting new website features. It is BCG’s aim for farmers to be able to interact with the research virtually. BCG social media channels will let everyone know when these are available.

With the season progressing quickly, those with hay in their rotations are busy cutting or are close to starting.

Wool prices halving and the fall in both price and demand for lamb is disappointing.

The outlook for the grain markets has also declined due to higher production throughout many regions of Australia, especially those areas that have been drought affected for the past two years.

I am confident that the region will achieve good production and we will manage our way successfully to another harvest, despite the extra challenges that Covid-19 has thrown at urban and rural communities across Australia.

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