Building Climate Resilience event in Birchip

Cut through the noise and hear the latest on climate, gain tools for adapting to the changes, and explore business opportunities to help our local communities thrive at ‘Building Climate Resilience’ on Tuesday 29 October at the Birchip Town Hall.  

Open to farmers, the local community and small business, the event aims to raise awareness of the key risks from climate change, including physical, policy and people, and to allow the discussion of adaptation strategies that attendees can take away and implement.  

The day features two keynote speakers; Gabrielle Chan from The Guardian Australia, and Mark Howden from Australian National University. They will be joined by speakers covering a range of topics including broader science and business implications, regional examples of diversification and risk management and local speakers sharing their own experiences.  

This free, full-day event is on Tuesday 29 October in Birchip, with catering provided.  

A follow on from the Building Climate Resilience event is a Community Leadership Workshop at the Birchip Cropping Group boardroom on Wednesday 30 October.   

For more information on this event, visit or to register here

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