Effects of Deep Ripping on Pulse Root Structure

The images below show the effects that deep ripping has had on the root structure of pulses growing on ripped and unripped soil. The site at Netherby, hosted by RobCo, has two major soil constraints: non-wetting sandy top soil, and a hard setting clay pan at approximately 15-20cm deep. A section of the trial was kindly ripped by the site hosts prior to sowing to a depth of approximately 30cm with 65cm tyne spacings.

PBA Hallmark XT lentils grown on deep ripped soil (L) compared to unripped soil (R). Lentils sown on the 25th of May, dug up on the 31st of
Genesis 090 chickpeas grown on unripped soil (L) compared to ripped soil (R). Chickpeas sown on the 25th of May, dug up on the 31st of August

The trial will be taken through to harvest to measure yield and grain size, and will be reported in the 2020 BCG Season Research Results and presented at Trials Review Day in 2021. This trial was made possible thanks to BCG members, as this trial was funded through BCG memberships.

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