BCG Trials Review Day – Livestream Videos

For those of you who missed it, or those who would like to revisit the presentations on the day, we have captured the footage from the livestream on the day. Enjoy! Session 1 – Weed Management Session 2 – Variety and Disease Management Session 3 – High Performing Soils

GRDC Pulse Extension – Gymbowen Video Crop Walk

Join us on a digital crop walk of the Southern Pulse Agronomy – Gymbowen Research Site as part of the GRDC Southern Pulse Extension Project.

GRDC Pulse Extension: Southern Pulse Agronomy Digital Crop Walk

As part of the GRDC Pulse Extension Project – BCG have created a digital crop walk with Agriculture Victoria researchers Jason Brand, Josh Fanning, Audrey Delahunty and Mitchell Fromm. This has been made possible with funding from GRDC’s Pulse Extension project.

BCG Sheep Management Showcase 2015: The role of Meat and Livestock Australia

Presentation delivered by MLA Managing Director Richard Norton at the BCG Sheep Management Showcase at Birchip on July 29, 2015

BCG Sheep Management Showcase 2015: MLA R&D Update

MLA General Manager of on farm R&D Matt McDonagh presented an update on MLA R&D at the BCG Sheep Management Showcase on July 29.

Trials Review Day 2016: Matching seeding machinery to stubble load and cropping environment

Dr Desbiolles (Uni SA) delivered a presentation at the BCG Trials Review Day on February 19, 2016. He discusses matching machinery to your environment, including the implications of wider row spacings, the pros and cons of paired row systems, seeder performance in swale dune systems, edge row sowing for access to moisture and liquid banding […]
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BCG Sheep Management Showcase 2016: Tim Leeming Raising the ‘baa’ in the Wimmera Mallee

Tim Leeming is a livestock consultant, farmer and head of MLA’s SAMRC committee for the western region of Victoria. At BCG’s Sheep Management Showcase on August 17, 2016 Tim shared his knowledge and offered Wimmera and Mallee farmers tips on improving their livestock enterprise.

BCG Sheep Management Showcase 2016: Ken Solly (Solly Business Services) on investing in sheep

Livestock consultant Ken Solly (Solly Business Services) discusses labour efficiency, investing in the sheep enterprise, investing in genetics and alternatives to owning sheep at the 2016 BCG Sheep Management Showcase.

BCG Sheep Management Showcase 2016: Livestock health & biosecurity and the VFF

The role of Livestock Health & Biosecurity Victoria and the VFF was presented by Catherine James and VFF Livestock Group President Leonard Vallance at the fourth annual BCG Sheep Management Showcase. Leonard also discusses bringing the livestock industry into the future.