BCG Main Field Day Recordings

BCG Main Field Day was held on Wednesday 11 September at Andrew and Lachlan Barber’s farm 9km west of Birchip.

Recordings are from sessions throughout the day, with some recordings recorded in blocks, the links below direct you to point in recording for identified session. 

Setting The Scene – 9.00am – 9.30am Audio | Video (Full)
Welcome Address – John Ferrier, BCG Chairman Audio | Video
The ‘in-site’: a Q&A with the 2019 host site farmers Lachlan and Andrew Barber Audio | Video
In-Field Sessions 9.30am – 10.30am
Solving the muck and mystery of adjuvants – Andrew Somervaille (Jubilee Consulting) Audio 
Barley Grass management – Kate Maddern (BCG), Simon Cook (Hopetoun farmer), John Renney (Berriwillock farmer). Audio | Video
Planning your grain storage for the 2019 harvest – Chris Warrick (Primary Business) Audio | Video
How did it grow? Seeder technology performance in optimising canola establishment  – Claire Browne (BCG), Steve Lanyon and Matt Schubring (Spot on Ag), Jan Moens (Muddy River Agricultural), Linc Lehmann, Lachlan Barber, Tim McClelland, Dan Coffey and Tim Rethus (Growers) Audio
Grazing sheep on standing crops post-flowering – Alison Frischke (BCG), Alan Bennett (Lawloit farmer) Audio
Hay: plans for 2019 and beyond – Colin Peace (Jumbuk Ag Consulting) Audio
In-Field Sessions 10.30am – 11.30am  
Nitrogen management and novel methods of applications – James Hunt and Nilou Nasrollahi (La Trobe University) Audio
Cereal variety performance and disease update – Rob Wheeler (GRDC), Gran Hollaway (Agriculture Victoria), Simon Craig (Farm 360) Audio (partial recording)
Going underground: Biological N supply to plants – Pauline Mele (Agriculture Victoria).  Audio | Video (Marquee)
Vetch and pulse varieties and disease update: the latest from trials in the Wimmera and Mallee – Stuart Nagel (Sardi), Josh Fanning (Agriculture Victoria) Audio
In-Field Sessions 11.30am – 12.30pm  
Cereal variety performance and disease update – Rob Wheeler (GRDC), Grant Hollaway (Agriculture Victoria), Tim Pohlner (AGRIvision Consultants) Audio
How to make the best canola variety selections in 2020 – Therese McBeath (CSIRO), John Kirkegaard (CSIRO), Cameron Taylor (BCG) Audio
Solving the muck and mystery of adjuvants – Andrew Somervaille (Jubilee Consulting) Audio
New legume pastures to benefit mixed farmers – Ross Ballard and David Peck (SARDI), Alison Frischke (BCG) Audio
Afternoon Marquee Sessions Audio | Video (FULL)
A snapshot of local and global pulse markets – Rob Brealey (ADM) Audio | Video
Protecting your crop: Green Peach Aphid insecticide resistance update – Marielle Babineau (cesar) Audio | Video
Improving grain farmers’ environment to operate – Ashley Fraser (VFF) Audio | Video
Getting the most out of Precision Agriculture – Adrian Roles (JMAJ Precision), Cameron Taylor (BCG) Audio | Video
What to expect in spring: a climate and soil moisture update – Dale Grey and Dale Boyd (Agriculture Victoria) Audio | Video
Top tips for canola profitability – John Kirkegaard and Therese McBeath (CSIRO) and Cameron Taylor (BCG) Audio | Video

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