BCG preliminary results from member-funded trial – Canola Varieties (Southern Mallee)

© BCG preliminary variety data may not be copied or reproduced in any form and is subject to changes with further analyses. It is for the benefit of BCG members only. Disclosing, copying or distributing is strictly prohibited.

Aim:                                     To assess the performance of existing and emerging canola                                                      varieties in the Southern Mallee.
Location:                              Birchip
Sowing date:                        20 April, establishing rain (20mm) on 1 May
Starting soil N(0-100cm):    104 kg/ha
Paddock history:                  2018 – fallow, 2017 – lentil
Fertiliser:                             30 April               Granulock Supreme Z @ 60kg/ha + Flutriafol
                                            24 June               Urea @ 100kg/ha
                                            25 July                Urea @ 100kg/ha
GSR (Apr-Oct) :                  193mm
Nov 2018 – Oct 2019:          408mm
Harvest date:                      16 November

Canola varieties







Note: Please treat these preliminary results with caution and look for the full report in the 2019 BCG Season Research Results.

Nuseed Diamond and Pioneer®45Y91 were the highest yielding varieties in this trial.
• The oil content of all varieties was below the 42% base level.
• The larger oil content of Nuseed Diamond makes this the most profitable option in this trial.
• While the conventional Nuseed Diamond continues to have significant yield benefits, paddock selection and crop rotations for
these conventional varieties is a crucial consideration.
• Clearfield hybrid varieties continue to out yield triazine tolerant varieties.
• ATR-Bonito was the best performing open pollinated triazine tolerant variety in this trial.
• With subsoil moisture and good nutrition levels, phenology wasn’t the major driver of yield this year (the major driver of yield is
genetic potential).

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