BCG & GoResources – Safflower Harvest Webinar

This pre harvest panel discussion is an opportunity for interested growers to tune in to learn more about the practicalities of harvesting Safflower.

The webinar will provide information on how to assess when SHO safflower will be ready for harvest, how to set up a header for harvest and watch-outs, tips and thoughts when harvesting.

In 2019 a major issue we came up against was the quality of the sample that was delivered. In excess of 25% of the grain delivered had to be cleaned prior to processing. Hence we are keen to provide growers and their advisors as much information as possible with regard to their header set up for harvest.

Alongside BCG Board-member, David Hudson, who will provide some background on the new Safflower variety, we have arranged for three safflower growers who will sit on a panel and discuss harvesting of safflower.

The farmers have a range of experience with David Jochinke having grown and harvested safflower for over 20 years, Tim Rethus (Horsham) and Sam Boyle (Narrabri).

In addition to the Australian growers we will be joined by John Gilbert from Adams Grains in Woodlands, California who has great experience in commercially growing and harvesting Safflower.

John has 20 years of experience in working with farmers growing safflower under a range of conditions and has a wealthy of knowledge relating to the growing and harvesting of safflower.

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