BCG Trials Review Day goes digital


BCG members can expect some exciting new features at Trials Review Day in 2021 on Friday 19 February at the Birchip Leisure Centre. Plans are still underway for a face-to-face event however the day will also be livestreamed for the first time ever so no one misses out.

“We’re continuously hearing from our members and the wider farming community that interactive online delivery of research is a great way for growers to interact with BCG,” said Senior Research and Extension Manager Tom Draffen.

“Often, we see growers in their tractor cabs when they join us online. Growers have such a busy operational schedule and when the conditions suit spraying or sowing it has to be prioritised, so it’s great that we can provide our members with the opportunity to join us from their paddocks.”

The focus of Trials Review Day remains firmly on trial results and key topics have been identified by the BCG research team and advisory committees.

“The way we deliver the information will be adapted to suit a socially distanced and digital audience,” Mr Draffen added. “Much like our Digital Research Site in 2020 – the 2021 Trials Review Day will provide us with the opportunity to develop new methods of extension and communication which, dependant on feedback, will continue into the future.”


For the first time in BCG’s history, the BCG Season Research Results compendium will be available in a digital format, an eBook, on Trials Review Day.

“The opportunity to go digital presents more opportunities for BCG members to both get the latest results and to search for past research with articles dating back to 2011 already available online.   Hardcopies will be sent post-event,” said Louisa Ferrier, Research and Extension.

Attendees are encouraged to register online and bring their electronic devices (laptop or tablet) and their membership password and usernames to access the results on the day.

Trials Review Day is a members-only event. Make sure your membership is up to date by calling the office on 03 5492 2787 or via the BCG website

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