Better Frost Decision Workshop – Kaniva rescheduled

The Kaniva Better Frost Decision Workshop has been rescheduled to this spring. BCG apologises for any inconvenience this has caused.

The rescheduling however provides an opportunity for Kaniva growers to greatly influence the topics covered on the day. BCG would like to hear from local growers regarding what information they require to better plan for and manage frost risk.

It is hoped the rescheduling will ensure leading experts on frost management Dr Peter Hayman, Mick Faulkner and Michael Moodie will deliver the most relevant, informative and localised workshop content.

Please call Tom Draffen at the BCG office on (03) 5492 2787 with your ideas and feedback.

GRDC are supporting this workshop initiative through the Better Frost Decisions project.  This initiative is part of a national GRDC investment through the project “Applying current knowledge to inform grower decision making to mitigate the impact of frost, now and in the future”.

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