Do you have a problem with barley grass on your farm?

BCG in conjunction with GRDC and Adelaide University have 12 free barley grass resistance tests on offer this spring as part of the GRDC project, demonstrating and validating the implementation of integrated weed management strategies to control barley grass in the low rainfall farming systems.
BCG are running a 3 year trial at Nullawil, comparing four different cropping rotations to reduce barley grass numbers.

  1. If growers have seen some unexpected herbicide results then they should be encouraged to collect samples and submit them through BCG. We are happy to test up to 12 samples from each participating grower group.
  2. Barley grass samples should be collected after the seeds have matured (but not shed). We recommend collecting around 200 seed heads or more so that we will be able to establish enough plants for resistance testing. Sampling can focus on a persistent patch or randomly across a paddock.
  3. Place samples in paper bag (not in plastic) and write your name on the bag.
  4. Drop into BCG office with sample or post to BCG – 73 Cumming Avenue Birchip Vic 3483

To register your interest for the test, call BCG office on 5492 2787

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