Farmer in Focus – Edward Rickard, Curyo

Edward returned to the family cropping property at Curyo nearly 12 months ago. Prior to that, he has worked in Melbourne and London, travelled overseas and completed a Business degree from RMIT and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification in Melbourne.

Please tell us about your farming operation

Dad (James), Mum (Patrice), my brother (Matthew) and I are involved in the farming business. Last year we moved to 100 per cent cropping after running up to 1000 ewes on an opportunistic basis. Now our rotation is based on wheat, barley, vetch, lentils and canola.

In 2021, our plan is to sow more lentils and we’ve cut out canola due to low starting subsoil moisture.

Why are you sowing more lentils?

We based our decision on advice from our agronomist and BCG research. We primarily wanted to increase profitability given high prices and better cropping systems now which enable us to grow this crop more consistently than previously. 

How do you divide the roles on the farm?

Dad’s the most experienced across the board and Matt and I continue to learn as we go. With my finance background, I do the books.

What farming priorities will you focus on in the future?

We want to expand when we see the opportunity, change varieties, diversify crop types, look for opportunities, improve operation efficiencies and continue our weed control.

Were you always coming home to the farm?

I always thought I would, but never had an exact time in mind. I wanted to go off and see the world.

Do you draw on your experiences from elsewhere now?

Yes. It has made me more used to how people operate differently and being a genuine person is important.

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