Storytelling a key theme of the recent Future Ag Conference

Grace Hosking

Narrative played a central role at the recent Future Ag Conference in Melbourne, with BCG CEO, Fiona Best, Senior Manager – Extension and Communications, Grace Hosking, and Board member, Brett Hosking, representing BCG’s members.

Senior Manager, Grace Hosking emerged from the conference feeling optimistic about the future of agriculture. “It highlighted the potential of innovation to transform the industry. It’s important that we recognise the success stories amidst the challenges of modern agriculture.”

But it wasn’t just stories that stole the spotlight; it was the tangible promise of emerging technologies showcased at the event. Hosking was amazed by the plethora of technology on display. “The future is here, and it’s brimming with possibilities. It’s exciting to think of the role of technology in revolutionising farming practices and mitigating future challenges”

BCG CEO, Fiona Best took the stage to showcase BCG’s operational model, rooted in localised research and timely information dissemination. “Knowledge is power, and at BCG, we’re empowering farmers with actionable insights to navigate the challenges of tomorrow.” She also spoke about BCG’s involvement in the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub and of the regional effort to build drought resilience of farms, communities and landscapes.

Participating in the workforce panel, Ms Hosking underscored the importance of retaining quality staff in agriculture, highlighting the need for supportive work environments to attract talent and fortify the sector’s resilience.

Brett Hosking, BCG Board member, delved into the future of farming and the imperative of unlocking climate-smart solutions for profitability. “The journey ahead is paved with opportunities and challenges,” he remarked, urging industry leaders to embrace collaboration and innovation in driving profitable, productive and sustainable practices.

With farmer stories driving innovation, BCG remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering farmers for success in an ever-evolving landscape.

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