Nullawil to showcase BCG agronomic research

BCG staff team at 2023 Main Field Day. 
Grace Hosking

Nullawil is set to take centre stage as BCG partners with the Watts family to host the 2024 Main Research Site.  

BCG’s Main Research Site for 2024 will be three kilometres north of Nullawil on land leased by David, Wendy, Daniel and Bethany Watts, on Nullawil North Road. The main research site at Nullawil will offer opportunities for growers to access cutting-edge agricultural insights and innovations.  

This year, BCG is embarking on its largest program to date, with the Main Research Site forming one of 50 trial sites across the Wimmera, Mallee and North Central regions. BCG CEO Fiona Best is confident the 2024 research and extension program will provide valuable information for farmers: “We are excited to extend our reach even further this year to improve the profitability and productivity of more growers. There are 176 trials going in the ground over the next two months, making 2024 our busiest year yet.” 

BCG research and extension projects  span a wide range of topics. This year, in addition to numerous farming system and agronomic trials, BCG will be working on various on farm risk assessment and decision-making initiatives, activities promoting carbon awareness and advancements in ag tech. Best encourages interested individuals to register as BCG members to benefit from the latest research findings and innovative practices: “We are looking forward to building stronger connections with our farmers and their communities in 2024. With several new staff joining our team this year, we are better equipped than ever to deliver meaningful results to our members.” 

BCG offers valuable opportunities for growers to access the latest insights and innovations. BCG extends its gratitude to David, Wendy, Daniel and Bethany for their generous support in hosting the 45 trials to be planted at the main site. 

BCG’s Main Field Day will be held at the Nullawil site on Wednesday the 11 September. For more information about the 2024 Main Research Site and the upcoming season’s trials, please visit or contact the BCG office on (03) 5492 2787. 

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