Engagement encouraged at BCG AGM

BCG’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday the 10th of December at 7pm in the BCG conference room, 73 Cumming Avenue Birchip. 

BCG CEO Fiona Best welcomes all members to the meeting: “The AGM is a valuable way for BCG to engage with its members. We want our members to feel supported by the organisation and have a high level of investment in BCG’s future direction. 

“BCG understands the AGM is occurring during a busy time of year for many members. We welcome members to attend either in person or via teleconference.  

“For members unable to attend we encourage you to call the BCG office and share your ideas and feedback with the team. BCG is here to support its members.” 

The BCG AGM is usually held in October but has been delayed due to the extra work required to prepare and audit the BCG accounts in accordance with recently introduced accounting standards for the not-for-profit sector. 

Two farmer member positions fall vacant at the AGM. Nomination forms are to be returned to BCG by 5.00pm on Thursday 3rd of December. 

Members wishing to attend the AGM in person or by teleconference are asked to RSVP by calling the BCG office on 5492 2787, or emailing info@bcg.org.au  

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