Exploring Regen Ag

Regenerative agriculture has become a key agricultural focus in recent years.

BCG is in the process of planning a forum on the subject. It will provide an opportunity for cropping and livestock farmers and their advisers to learn more about Regenerative Agriculture principles and to contribute to a facilitated discussion and open-floor questioning.

What might Regenerative Agriculture mean for growers in a low-medium rainfall environment?

The goals, principles and associated practices of Regen Ag will be examined to discover their relevance to this region. Its benefits for local farming systems will be discussed, as well as the shortfalls, as seen in the available and sometimes contradictory evidence. Opportunities, as well as barriers to adoption, will be considered.

In its role as a provider of applied science-based research, BCG will develop a local investigative research activity using the questions raised by growers to determine what, how and why should be researched.

The event will be professionally facilitated, with a panel of presenters to act as a ‘focus group’ to explore the following questions:

  • What is the current understanding of, and attitude towards, Regen Ag in the Wimmera and Mallee?
  • Which current farming practices align with Regen Ag and which practices are contradictory?
  • What scientific and economic evidence exists in support of Regen Ag?
  • What scientific and economic evidence exists which questions Regen Ag practices?
  • Is this evidence applicable to Wimmera and Mallee farming systems and a low-rainfall environment?
  • What benefits do landholders see in the practice, and what are the barriers to adoption?
  • What are the priority evidence gaps that need addressing to assist growers in their decisions?

At present, much of the data on regenerative agriculture (such as its productivity, profitability, long term sustainability and benefits) are anecdotal and/or not conducted under Wimmera and Mallee conditions. Widespread adoption cannot occur without robust and repeatable evidence relevant to the local environment.

BCG recognises the wide spectrum of attitudes towards Regenerative Agriculture Systems. Its aim is to provide a platform to build better knowledge and assist growers to make informed decisions. The hope is that growers across the spectrum of attitude attend the event with an open and inquisitive mind. BCG is determined to explore all possibilities to keep Wimmera and Mallee farmers at the forefront of innovative agriculture.

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