Farmers learn from farmers at BCG Trials Review Day

Two local farmers will open the 2017 BCG Trials Review Day on February 17, sharing their experiences and the lessons they learned last season.

Providing a Wimmera perspective will be Tim Rethus, while Nev Reilly will focus on the 2016 season in the Mallee.

During the facilitated discussion attendees will have the opportunity to join the conversation as the duo reflect on the opportunities and challenges of the season just passed.

BCG events manager Ciara Cullen said the farmer led discussion was an important inclusion to the Trials Review program, which traditionally has been predominantly used as a platform to share and interpret results from BCG’s research program.

“In the past few years we’ve made it a priority to include farmer led discussions in the program,” she said.

“They are always well received with attendees commenting on how much they get out of hearing how other farmers manage farm operations and make decisions.”

This year, complementing the farmer-to-farmer learning session, attendees can also take part in an agronomy discussion led by agronomists Simon Craig (Farm360) and Simon Severin (Agritech Rural).

Ms Cullen said that after opening the day with a reflection on the 2016 season and then hearing about the findings from last year’s field research (including crop variety comparisons, nutrition management and agronomic trials), attendees will have a chance to discuss practical on-farm application with the agronomists and ask questions as they arise.

The day’s program will also feature presentations from agricultural researchers including Agriculture Victoria pulse specialist Jason Brand and farming systems consultant Tim McClelland (Model Agronomics).

BCG’s research team will present findings from last year’s wheat, barley and canola variety trials, barley and wheat nutrition management trials, Gibberellic acid and plant growth regulator experiments and weed control investigations.

Precision Agriculture (PA) and variable rate technology will also feature during the day with BCG researchers Cam Taylor and Sebastian Ie examining this technology from a commercial perspective.  

A ‘virtual’ Very Fast Break seasonal climate update will be delivered by Agriculture Victoria’s Dale Grey to round out proceedings and give growers something to consider as they plan for the season ahead.

The BCG Trials Review Day is for BCG members. Along with entry into the event, attendees will receive a copy of the 2016 edition of the 232-page BCG Season Research Results, which contains the results from more than 50 field trials conducted in the Wimmera and Mallee last year. Lunch and refreshments are also included. Non-BCG members can purchase memberships prior to, or on the day.

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