Free Hands-On PA Training

BCG has started planning for a second round of Hands-On PA Training workshops to be run across the Wimmera Southern Mallee in late August.

The free workshops, funded by the GRDC, will provide attendees with hands-on experience with a range of PA technologies and how they can be used to improve the productivity and profitability of farm businesses.

Attendees at the workshop will gain hands-on experience in:

  • setting up paddock boundaries and AB lines
  • downloading and cleaning data
  • creating yield maps
  • creating prescriptions
  • profit mapping
  • other topics of interest to local farmers.

BCG is also planning to have local dealers, PA consultants and software providers at the events to help answer your PA questions or troubleshoot any issues you have with your PA equipment.

We’re asking anyone who’s interested in attending to complete a short online survey to help with the planning for the day. The survey can be found here.

More detailed information, including dates and locations will be provided in the next edition of eNews and on BCG’s Twitter account and Facebook page.

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