New farm office tech and cybersecurity with Carmen Quade

Jess Bidstrup

New farm office tech and cybersecurity with Carmen Quade

“I think the first thing to do is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When new things come in, we’re often bad at it.

“And as adults, you don’t like that feeling of things being difficult or hard or harder than they were. And it’s just acknowledging that initially things are going to be harder before they get easier and just persisting through that.”

In our third episode, we chat with AgriFocused’s Carmen, who shares the latest farm office technology to make your office time more efficient. Carmen also discusses some quick wins when it comes to software already available but not always used to its fullest. The farm business expert also shares some of her tips on how to protect yourself, your farm business and those you love from cybercrime.

About Carmen Quade

Carmen Quade runs AgriFocused, a training business specialising in farm business skills. She has worked as a university lecturer in accounting and agribusiness and enjoys working with people to improve their business skills. She also has extensive experience in local government, both in economic and community development as well as corporate governance. Together with her husband and other family members, she is a partner in a mixed farming business at Tallimba, in the Northern Riverina. She works her magic in the office, not the paddock. Carmen holds a Bachelor of Business (Agricultural Commerce), a Master of Professional Accounting and a Cert IV in Training Small Groups.

You can learn more about Carmen by visiting her website: and following her on X @AgriFocussed or Instagram @AgriFocused

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