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Yield Prophet is an agricultural decision-support tool that can help you achieve more from your land and limited resources (like rainfall).

Yield Prophet bridges state- of-art agricultural and climate science with practical on-the-ground decision making by providing a user-friendly interface to The Agricultural Production Systems siMulator (APSIM).

APSIM is a highly agricultural model developed and maintained by the CSIRO and the APSIM Initiative. It can accurately model environment and management interactions, but is also a very complex research tool that is not easily accessible. Yield Prophet has been developed over many years by CSIRO and the Birchip Cropping Group (BCG) as a practical interface to make the power of APSIM available to the wider agricultural industry.

User input on crop, soil type, and data from a nearby weather station are fed into APSIM. Model outputs are packaged into user-friendly guidance around yield potential and the effect of management decisions.

Yield Prophet subscribers users can generate a range of reports that compare different choices of crop varieties, sowing times, fertiliser rates, and more. Yield Prophet is not intended to be the answer to everything, but provides a valuable source of objective analysis to anchor the decision making process.

The Yield Prophet team continues to work on improvements and new features for Yield Prophet. Last year there were major changes to the interface, designed to deliver an improved user experience, and a range of new reports and integrations with other technologies. The Yield Prophet Lite app was also released, which provides simple predictions based on the French and Schulz model.

As well as offering a valuable tool to many growers and consultants, Yield Prophet has been a central part of BCG’s involvement in large national research projects and BCG members are able to access a discount on Yield Prophet subscriptions

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