Research and extension in 2021

We’re excited to be implementing the Research and Extension program in 2021 and while not all the locations and dates are confirmed, here’s an initial list:

Research & Extension Projects:
GRDC, Plant Establishment – Wimmera
AgriFutures, Oaten Hay Agronomy – Wimmera
Murray Dairy, Fodder for the Future – North Central
National Landcare Program, Validating the benefits of multispecies cover cropping – Mallee
National Landcare Program, Grazing Standing Crops – Mallee
Southern Cross University, Cover-crop termination trials and farm scale demonstrations – Mallee
Southern Cross University, SCaRP (Soil Carbon Research Program) 2.0 – Mallee
GRDC, Managing Soil borne Pathology Demonstration and Extension
Wimmera CMA, Soil Carbon Research Program – Wimmera
Mallee CMA, Soil Carbon Research Program – Mallee
Soil CRC, Herbicide Residues – Mallee
National Landcare Program, Integrated Pest Management Paddock Trials – Wimmera and Mallee
Agriculture Victoria, Intercropping Trials  – Wimmera and Mallee
COALA – Utilising observations from sentinel 2 satellite to test and validate established products/services in the European marketplace to Australia
MSF, Dryland Legume Pastures – Mallee

Extension Projects
National Landcare Program, GAPP (Growth, Adoption, Productivity and Profit) Discussion Groups – Wimmera, Mallee and North Central
National Landcare Program, Defining Regenerative Agriculture in the LRZ – Wimmera, Mallee and North Central
GRDC, Harvester Set-up Clinics – GRDC Southern Region
GRDC, Hands-on Precision Agriculture Training – GRDC Southern Region
GRDC, Grain Storage Extension – Wimmera, Mallee and North Central

BCG Events
Tomorrow Farmer Workshop – Date to be confirmed
BCG Chairman’s Breakfast – Date to be confirmed
BCG Main Field Day – Wednesday 8 September

Keep an eye on our website or eNews for more announcements or call the office on 03 5492 2787 for more information.

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