Where is the 2020 BCG Main Research Site?

BCG is excited to announce that the 2020 main research site will be located at Curyo on Trevor Grogan’s property (approximately 35 km west of Birchip on the Wilkur-Watchupga road). 

This is not the first time Mr Grogan has hosted BCG research on his property. A long term and  significant contributor to BCG, Mr Grogan hosted trials in the early days of BCG’s inception.  

“There are many elements we consider when selecting the main research site” said BCG senior research and extension officer, Claire Browne. 

“We prefer a flat, even area with a GPS receiver for sowing. It  is also preferable for the paddock to be adjacent to a main sealed road for equipment access, Main Field Day traffic, as well as busses when we have groups coming to visit the site.” 

“We also have to consider the requirements of the different trials we are wanting to host at the site including where the paddock is in its rotation, especially in relation to soil nutrient levels and any residues which may be present.” 

“We try to stay within a 40km radius of Birchip for the main site for operational purposes, as the site is visited frequently.  As always, BCG will also have satellite sites across the Wimmera, Mallee and North Central regions in addition to the main site. We will begin sowing trails at the main site in mid-April.” 

Save the date, the BCG Main Field Day will be held at the site on Wednesday 9 September. 

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