BCG: busy and diverse

During July, BCG was involved in some exciting work and participated in wide-reaching discussions.

The Industry Crop Walk was attended by 60 agronomists from across the region. Participating in two hours of professional development at BCG’s industry site at Whirily, agronomists moved around the trial sites in teams. They met with representatives of FMC, NuFarm, ADAMA, BASF, the University of Adelaide and BCG staff to discuss the latest in herbicide chemistry, application and weed management.  We thank BCG member Matt Ryan for hosting the Industry trial site.

Funding and collaborations

BCG this week submitted a tender to GRDC to undertake the delivery of frost management information in the form of workshops, demonstration sites and crop walks over the next 18 months. Complementary to this, BCG’s Genevieve Clarke was successful in her submission to the Yitpi Foundation to undertake a focused frost management trial in wheat during 2021.
Barengi Gadjin Land Council (BGCL) has applied to AgriFutures to undertake further investigation into the viability of a Bush Foods industry in the Wimmera Mallee. If this application is successful, BCG and BGLC will work with interested farmer members in attempting to understand how to grow indigenous foods commercially. Such diversification offers the opportunity for an enterprise mix which, in turn, may form part of a farm business risk management strategy available for grower consideration.

Representing BCG

BCG had the opportunity to meet with Independent Member for Mildura, Ali Cupper. High on the agenda was advocacy at the State Government level for investment in BCG’s established GAPP group network which has a focus on providing learning and networking opportunities for younger farmers.  Also discussed was the potential labour shortage at harvest.
A presentation was made this week to the Buloke Shire Council to ensure its understanding of the role of BCG in the region and of the importance of ongoing support from local government.

This week I participated in a discussion on Developing a National Soil Strategy with participants from across Victoria. It is intended that the outcomes from similar discussions across Australia will result in a streamlined approach to soil management in an agricultural setting.

What does this mean?

This summary hardly does justice to the breadth and depth of BCG’s role in progressing agriculture in the region and in the country as a whole. It is currently difficult for all of us to continue to see the big picture.  Yet that has always been one of BCG’s great strengths.
As CEO, I am constantly concerned with keeping this wider vision at the forefront of our thinking.  
These days, my open door is virtual, but no less real for that. I look forward to hearing of your concerns: any suggestions, anything which may contribute to farming, now and in the future are more than welcome.

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