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Farming, as we all know, is about many things: resilience, knowledge, experience, co-operation, plain old good luck. It is also about planning.

The ability to plan relies on a clear head and the provision of time to allow that clear head to function most effectively. Plans need to be made when the mind is fresh. We need to give ourselves mental space, to avoid attempting to plan when we are preoccupied in times of stress and uncertainty.

Planning is too hard and not effective at all if attempted to be done during drought or when the future is unclear.

This is highlighted by BCG’s partnership in the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub led by the University of Melbourne and funded by the federal government’s Department of Agriculture Water and Environment’s 5 billion Future Drought Fund initiative.

One of the Hub’s aims and functions is to facilitate on-ground applied research and activities that enable farmers, farm businesses and communities to be more prepared and resilient in times of drought. Its concerns include the vital importance of preserving and protecting the landscape.

No longer will times of drought be considered exceptional circumstances but acknowledged as part of the normal cycle of farming.

In this context, individuals and groups across the country are currently active in considering what can be done:

  • in preparation for drought to ensure that farms, communities and landscapes are ready to cope with the coming challenges.
  • to cope more effectively during drought
  • to recover from drought
  • during periods of uncertainty in and between seasons (as was experienced this season when this part of Victoria was faced with a ‘late break’. Did farmers allow the tension to interfere with their capacity to think or did they succumb to inevitable and sometimes paralyzing doubts?)

The Hub will gather best thoughts, ideas and practices to assist in seeing communities through the tough times.

And on a different theme…

I will be taking some family leave from the start of October.

Whilst I am on leave please contact:
Vin Delahunty Senior Manager Engagement, Corporate and Business Services: [email protected]
Tom Draffen Extension and Communication Manager: [email protected]
James Murray Research Manager: [email protected]
Kelly Angel Operations Manager: [email protected]

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