BCG Searching for Shared Solutions at MCG

Vin Delahunty

BCG partners from industry, the commercial sector, universities, technology providers, governments and the philanthropic sector joined BCG members and staff at the latest BCG Shared Solutions event held in Melbourne last month. 

An impressive array of speakers provided the context for the more than 80 attendees who worked collaboratively to identify the best opportunities for our farmers and the regional communities.  

Key note speaker, Mike Grundy, spoke to a recently released CSIRO report, Australia’s National Outlook, which explores possible outcomes for Australia’s future. Two contrasting scenarios for Australia in 2060 were identified: Slow Decline and Outlook Vision. 

In Slow Decline, Australia fails to adequately address the global and domestic issues, resulting in declining economic, social and environmental outcomes. In the Outlook Vision, Australia takes decisive action and a long-term view, achieving much more positive outcomes. 

John Ferrier, BCG Chairman, acknowledged the commitment from BCG partners in supporting the activity and noting the fantastic collection of professional capital available to BCG. 

“The challenge is harnessing this capability to help farmers from across Australia. The ideas that flowed from the day have given BCG a focus for the future,” he said. 

Apart from farm related production, productivity and technology opportunities, attendees identified a range of energy and alternate land use ideas for further consideration. 

BCG CEO, Chris Sounness, encouraged the Search for Shared Solutions invitees to engage with BCG to discuss any ideas, concepts or proposals that might assist farms and communities meet the challenges for the future. 

“BCG would welcome the opportunity to continue collaborating with our extensive network and supporting the development and delivery of meaningful projects,” he said.  

“We are excited about the opportunity to create exciting initiatives that delivers the 2060 Outlook Vision for Australia,” he concluded. 

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