BCG’s Brooke Bennett receives funding for wheat research

BCG’s Researcher Brooke Bennett has received funding from the Yitpi Foundation to investigate the suitability of new, long coleoptile wheat varieties in farming systems in southern Australia.

Ms Bennett said she hopes the work will give farmers knowledge on how to best implement these new varieties into their farming system. “The findings of this work may mean growers can widen their sowing window by sowing these longer coleoptile wheat varieties deeper to access moisture, possibly summer rainfall, that the average length coleoptile wheat cannot. Accessing deeper moisture provides farmers the option to sow earlier and spread their risk.

“The theory is that these new varieties can be sown deeper as the longer coleoptile can extend further within the soil and emerge after potentially accessing deeper moisture within the soil profile. The average length coleoptile cannot reach high enough to get out of the soil at this depth. If validated, this research could be a particularly useful tool for growers in years like 2021 where we had a very dry start and many crops have delayed growth because of it.”

Ms Bennett said there was also potential to look at how these new, longer coleoptile wheats will access the immobile nutrient phosphorus in the soil and whether there is the option of sowing extra phosphorus with these wheats. There may be an opportunity to place additional phosphorus deep into the profile at sowing that subsequent crops could potentially access later in their growth stages.

“As the lead researcher on the National Variety Trials being completed by BCG, I am excited about being able to build on my knowledge of varieties and their genetic characteristics and the possible positive implications this additional research may have for growers,” Ms Bennett concluded.

The work will be undertaken next year across multiple sites in the Mallee.

The Yipti Foundation, part of the Waite Research Precinct, was established to encourage and promote research and education in the fields of crop science, particularly in relation to the wheat industry in southern Australia. The name Yitpi is a Kaurna word for seed or soul.

Brooke recently spoke to Jason on Flow FM discussing the suitability of new, long coleoptile wheat varieties in farming systems in southern Australia. Listen to her interview here:

For more information call Brooke Bennett on 0468 304 335.

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