Farmers won’t miss out on key research

BCG will ensure farmers still have access to the latest agronomic research and information, despite regional Victoria’s lockdown which has resulted in the cancellation of BCG’s Main Field Day to be held on 8 September.

BCG CEO Fiona Best said while the field day is cancelled, the organisation is committed to ensuring growers don’t miss out. “Farmers’ information requirements do not change due to COVID-19. It is vital they still have access to the most up-date, relevant research to be able to make informed decisions on farm.

“The BCG team have swiftly turned their focus to developing virtual crop walks, videos and lively informative podcasts to deliver research messages. This time of year is usually our busiest for events and communicating with growers. While events may be cancelled due to current restrictions, we are becoming adept at working with the situation as it unfolds and changing communication channels as required.  As a result of forging ahead in a safe and effective manner, not only will growers have our latest research at their fingertips but our staff are also upskilling in the process,” Ms Best said.

BCG will hold small-group crop walks at field day sites at Watchupga and Curyo before harvest if restrictions allow.

BCG has a wealth of research to deliver this season from nitrogen, chemistry, cover crops and variety trials to precision agricultural and header set-up workshops. To stay up to date with how this research and training will be communicated sign up to BCG’s newsletter and visit

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