Meet the Team – Ashlee Tierney, Mel Hawthorne & Ruby Cook

During the busy harvest period, our purpose build laboratory comes to life. Each year our resources are bolstered with a team of harvest casuals to help process the grain samples that are taken from our trial plots to ensure BCG researchers are able to focus on data analysis, assessment and result interpretation. 

The work is similar to that undertaken at the sample stand at the local grain receival points which includes counting grains, falling numbers, screening and weighing samples. Our harvest casuals ensure BCG’s research is completed in a timely manner so we can deliver results to growers as quickly as possible.

This year the Lab Team are Mel Hawthorne, Ash Tierney and Ruby Cook.

Mel, the partner of Beulah local Jason Turnbull, took on the opportunity after the COVID-19 pandemic forced redundancy of her role in Melbourne as a Sales Manager for weddings – Mel, who is expecting her first child in 2021, has taken the opportunity to learn more about the industry in which her in-laws operate.

Ash and Ruby are both Birchip locals who have joined BCG over the summer break between school and university. Ash has just completed her studies at LaTrobe in Agriculture and Commerce and Ruby, the daughter of BCG’s Technical Officer – Chris Cook, completed her VCE at Birchip P -12 in 2020. 

The team (after some persuasion) agreed to take a seat in front of the BCG camera this month to chat about themselves, their life and their work at BCG – you can view it here:

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