New Goldacres plot sprayer to increase BCG’s research capacity

BCG has taken possession of a new custom-built 14 metre Goldacres plot sprayer.

BCG’s Senior Manager of Research, James Murray, said his team was very appreciative that Goldacres had covered 50 percent of the cost of the plot sprayer as a donation to BCG. “This generosity means BCG’s research capacity has increased by a third. Therefore the quality of the additional research work the organisation has received will be maximised.”

“We have a good working relationship with Goldacres, they build quality machines and were willing to build a machine to our specific design requirements. Another positive is that it’s a replica of a boom we already use so it will mean ease-of-use for our operators.”

Sales and Marketing Manager Stephen Richards said the organisation was pleased to support BCG.

“Goldacres are proud to support BCG. Through research and development both companies strive to provide the best solutions suited to our growing conditions. Our relationship with BCG provides valuable insights into current conditions and the needs of farmers in our own backyard.”

“When providing the market with fully Australian developed and manufactured machinery, understanding the needs of our customers is paramount to making the most suitable spray equipment.”

Image: BCG has taken possession of a new custom-built 14 metre Goldacres plot sprayer which will increase research capacity. Pictured left to right: Tom Draffen (BCG), Caroline Welsh (BCG Board), Brooke Bennett (BCG), John Ferrier (BCG Chairman), Fiona Best (BCG CEO), Kelly Angel (BCG), Genevieve Clarke (BCG), James Murray (BCG), Ian McClelland (BCG Board).

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