BCG Main Site Trials for 2020

With sowing for the 2020 season well underway and the 2020 Main Site announced in February, we can now give you a run-down of some of the trials which will be at the 2020 Main Site at Curyo as well as trials which will be at the Wimmera Main Site at Rupanyup. 

Starting with the Mallee, once again BCG are sowing wheat, barley, canola, lentils, chickpea, field pea and vetch at our Main Site at Curyo, these trials are part of the National Variety Trial project funded by the GRDC. Additionally, there will be various herbicide demonstrations funded by commercial partners, vetch sowing time and disease management trials, as well as canola sowing time and aerial blackleg management trials. 

In the Wimmera, there will also be various herbicide demonstrations, as well as a faba bean disease management trial, an oaten hay agronomy trial (which will assess oaten hay yield and quality with different varieties, sowing dates and nitrogen management strategies), as well as canola and faba bean establishment trials (which will compare sowing rate, row spacing and seeders for establishment of these crops). 

Look forward to extension from these trials and (hopefully) events at these sites. As you know extension looks very different, and for the foreseeable future, however, as restrictions and recommendations change, we will keep you updated on how you will be able to learn from these trials.

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