Gearing up for the ‘home straight’


Prioritising for harvest, late season glyphosate use, grain and hay marketing and the climate outlook for spring are among 20 timely and relevant topics to be discussed at the BCG Main Field Day on September 14.

As farmers’ enter the final straight of the 2016 growing season, the event provides them with the perfect opportunity to reflect on the season so far and to arm themselves with information that will help them make confident and informed decisions in the critical months ahead.

During the day farmers will have the chance to inspect a range of field trials and to hear from researchers and industry leaders about key considerations this year.

Topics such as late season weed control will be addressed by Grain Producers Australia chairman Andrew Weidemann and Jud Wheatley from de Bruin Engineering.

Mr Weidmann, will discuss the use of glyphosate in late season barley crops, including the consequences this practice can have on farming systems and grain markets while Mr Wheatley will focus on opportunities to reduce a paddock’s weed burden with the integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) which captures and pulverizes weed seeds during the harvesting process.

BCG researcher Linda Walters will spend time during the day discussing how to prioritise crops at harvest time.

Ms Walters, who has spent the last three year’s examining the behavior of barley varieties under a range of conditions, will present her findings focusing on a crop’s susceptibility to yield loss from lodging, head loss and sprouting when harvest is delayed.

The BCG Main Research site is currently looking lush, healthy and full of promise; mirroring how most crops across the region are looking. However, the spring presents one more hurdle that needs to be conquered before the 2016 grain growing season can be deemed a success.

With this in mind, all eyes (and ears) will be on Agriculture Victoria climate agronomist Dale Grey at the field day as he delivers the much anticipated spring climate outlook.

As well as rainfall predictions farmers will be interested to hear what Mr Grey has to say about other climatic risks such as heat and frost.

The other potential risk to the success of this season are ever-fluctuating grain prices.

Grain and hay marketing consultant Colin Peace (Jumbuk Ag) will provide insight into world markets and offer tips on how producers can spread risk and improve outcomes when selling their grain.

Horsham-based consultant Chris Warrick will add to the marketing discussion, showing farmers how to work out the return on investment when considering grain storage. 

A full and informative day is promised at the BCG Main Field Day. Other presentations will focus on gypsum management, crop nutrition, integrated pest management options, disease management in cereals, crop variety comparisons including recovery after grazing, gibberellic acid use in oats, lentils and vetch, controlling volunteer cereals and more.

The 2016 BCG Main Field Day is at Warmur (18kms south west of Birchip on the Warracknabeal-Birchip road), from 9am to 5pm on September 14.

Entry is free for BCG members and $50 for non-members, with breakfast (from 8.15am) and lunch available for purchase on site (proceeds towards the Birchip P-12 School Cambodia project).

For details contact BCG on 5492 2787 or visit our events page.

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