Fodder and pulses discussed at BCG’s Mitiamo Crop Walk—Wednesday  17th Aug 

BCG’s Mitiamo Crop Walk is on Wednesday the 17th of August approximately three kilometres west of Mitiamo on the Bendigo-Pyramid Road. The day will run from 10am to 12.30pm and will conclude with a free barbeque.  

BCG Senior Research Manager James Murray said the free event is an opportunity for local growers to see firsthand the research occurring in their region in two priority areas, hay agronomy to maximise yield and quality and legume agronomy:  “The local research covered on the day will include: legume performance in response to soil amelioration strategies [deep ripping, sub-soil gypsum applications, Calciprill, etc], vetch and oaten hay variety [sowing date and sowing rate], vetch, barley and oaten hay nutrition management, broadleaf weed management in vetch and lentils, and field pea variety and sowing date.” 

“It’s a chance for producers to speak to us, the researchers, to learn how they can use these findings to improve yield and quality on their own farm. On Wednesday the 17th of August at Mitiamo we look forward to discussing this research which has been specially chosen to assist growers in the region.”  

To register for this free event visit or call the BCG office on (03) 5492 2787.  

These projects are funded by GRDC project DJP2105-006RTX: Pulse Agronomy Victoria and the Australian Government under the Murray-Darling Basin Economic Development Program.  

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