Meet the team: Tariq Gerardi

BCG are pleased to introduce its newest staff member, Tariq (Rick) Gerardi. Tariq is an Agricultural Science graduate from LaTrobe University who is joining BCG as a Research Agronomist.

What is your role at BCG and what will you be doing?
I’ve been employed as a Research Agronomist and I’ll be supporting the BCG trials program. It’s going to be a learning experience and an opportunity for me to develop some new skills in research. So far, I’ve been working in the lab and helping the team finalise the assessments from last year’s harvest program.

What is your background?
I’m from Brunswick West, which is in the inner north of Melbourne, I studied ag science at LaTrobe University and graduated last year. The course focused on high rainfall grain production so I’m keen to develop my knowledge around grain production in the medium to low rainfall zone.

Mum is from a dairy farm in Kyabram but prior to that, she lived in Beulah and Dimboola so I have a slight connection with the area.

My old man is Italian, so from a completely different background. He was an Ag. consultant working out of Canberra before becoming a renewables economist working predominantly in wind-energy.

I’ve lived in Melbourne most of my life, but through my course I was given the opportunity to do work experience near Cavendish at JigSaw Farms. The farming operation was livestock focused but there was also an agro-forestry operation on around 600ha so it was an interesting place to get experience. I actually moved to New Zealand after my time at JigSaw for what was meant to be an extended opportunity working on another livestock operation with a fat lamb focus. When COVID came along, I made the decision to cut my time over there and come home.

What made you apply for this role?
I always wanted to be agronomist, and I have always enjoyed research, so the job opportunity really suited what I was looking for. BCG has a such a good reputation in the industry and when I investigated the work and the history of the place it seemed that the organisation had goals and standard that matched my own. I also had an opportunity to head to Tassie for work, and it was such a hard decision because I love fly-fishing, but in the end the BCG influence in the industry and the fact that so many BCG alumni are prominent in research roles through-out the country drove my decision.

What are your interests outside work?
As I mentioned I love fishing, so I’m on the hunt for local spots – and the Murray was a drawcard. I also love sports, all sports pretty much, but particularly cricket and golf.

What are you looking forward to at BCG?
It’s a great opportunity, and it seems like a great team. I’m looking forward to learning as much I can – getting to know the grain industry and putting my knowledge into practice. I think having the opportunity to be a part of start-to-finish trials program will be really valuable in my first year rather than coming on halfway down the track – it will give me a really strong understanding of the work and the farming systems in the region.

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